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This is the Spark IoT documentation portal. It provides information for helping new customers to setup and connect their devices, updates and advisories for users of Spark’s IoT networks, as well as providing troubleshooting, configuration, and other technical documentation. The information presented here should be of use to many new and existing subscribers. This page contains the following sections:

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Spark LPWA Networks

In addition to supporting M2M and IoT devices over our wired, optical, 3G cellular, and 4G LTE cellular networks, Spark also operates two Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks that are optimised for IoT and M2M applications:

  • LoRaWAN™ – Our long range, low-power wide area network for very low power applications. It provides an ideal solution for your devices that need to be able to operate relying only on battery power (and unattended) for up to 10 years.
  • LTE CatM1 – A cellular-based IoT network which benefits from Spark’s extensive coverage, and offering higher data-rates than LoRaWAN. CatM1 devices use licensed spectrum, suitable for global deployments, and readily supports firmware updates “Over-The-Air” (OTA).

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User Guides and Examples

The guides and examples that are currently available cover the following categories:

and answers to many questions are also available from our FAQ.

Further Information and Updates

For more information on Spark IoT solutions:

And for the latest Spark news, as well as updates and advisories:

IoT Platforms and Spark Partners

Below is a partial list of Spark’s partners for IoT-related application areas:

And there are additional Spark IoT partners as well that help to enable Spark to deliver our portfolio of Digital Services.